Nadine Bongaerts


I am a PhD student in synthetic biology based in the INSERM lab U1001 (Paris). Together with Ariel Lindner and Jake Wintermute, I work on the discovery of new antibiotics for neglected diseases such as tuberculosis.

I received my Bachelor degree in Life Sciences & Technology from Leiden University & TU Delft, and Master degree in Biotechnology (TU Delft). In 2010, I joined the TU Delft student team to participate in the international competition for Synthetic Biology, iGEM. iGEM sparked my interest in synthetic biology and since then I worked on research projects with a focus on the design and engineering of genetic tools or microbes with desired features.

During my iGEM time, I also began to realize the importance of interdisciplinary collaborations and the dialogue between scientists and the general public. From that moment, I started to look for ways to share my knowledge and connect science to fields like education, art/design and business. In addition to my PhD, I use my spare time to work as Vice-President of the Paris-based non-profit Hello Tomorrow that supports science entrepreneurs to accelerate innovative technologies from the lab to the market.

I believe synthetic biology holds an important key to a better future. And it’s therefore an extremely exciting field to be part of!