Jake Wintermute


I’m a systems biologist working for INSERM, in the group of Ariel Lindner and François Taddei. I also teach Introduction to Synthetic Biology for the Master’s Program at the CRI (Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires), and serve as an advisor for the Paris Bettencourt iGEM team.

I did my thesis work in Pam Silver’s lab at Harvard (Department of Systems Biology) with a focus on microbial communities and metabolic engineering. Before that, I studied biology and computer science as an undergraduate at New York University.

My current research interests include the biology of aging, synthetic biology tools for drug discovery, and the human skin microbiome. I want to design, optimize and control microbial metabolism, usually with genetic techniques and usually with some application in mind, even it that application is far off. I like simple experiments and elegant mathematical models. I like building new hardware to do experiments that couldn’t be done before.