Aleks Nivina


I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the field of bacterial genetics and synthetic biology. I like working on projects that approach the same problem from different angles: biological, biophysical and bioinformatic. As a pharmacist, I’m motivated by the development of new drugs and therapies, but as a researcher I’m also very curious about the workings of biological systems. As a result, I mostly enjoy doing fundamental research driven by questions that arise from applied projects.

I did all my studies at Université Paris Descartes in Paris: first at the faculty of pharmacy and then at the CRI (Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity). During my thesis, I worked in Didier Mazel’s lab at Institut Pasteur in Paris, where I studied bacterial integrons and developed a new bioengineering tool based on their DNA recombination mechanism. I’m now applying this tool to protein engineering.

In future, I hope to continue interdisciplinary research in the fields of systems and synthetic biology, and to have more opportunities to teach these subjects.