Hi, Thank you for making these courses and the game available for the public.

I have a question, is it possible for someone to experiment with synthetic biology successfully on their own, without going to a university? Is it possible to get the necessary equipment oneself and learn molecular cell biology without a degree?


Hi Lukas, Tough question! I would say that it is possible, although quite difficult. There is a small but enthusiastic DIY bio community who are dedicated to making it easier, cheaper, and more accessible. For some people, a good option is to find a local community biolab. You will be able to gain access to equipment and instructional workshops. Another option might be to connect with an iGEM team near you, where you are likely to find someone who knows the local landscape. I am hoping to eventually integrate with this course resources for finding equipment and lab space, both in and out of universities. Good luck with your search and let me know how it goes!