Synthetic Biology One is a free, open, online course in DNA design. sbone-text-flower-5

What is synthetic biology?

Synthetic biology is the art and science of designing DNA sequences for living cells. It is a new technology that can solve real-world problems in industry, agriculture and medicine. It is also an approach to basic research that seeks to understand natural gene circuits by building artificial ones.

Synthetic biologists adapt concepts from many disciplines including physics, computer science and molecular genetics as they seek a new framework for engineering life.

Synthetic biology 
is the next
generation of 
engineering. sbone-text-flower-9




What will I learn?

Graduates from this course will be prepared to read, write, and create custom DNA sequences. We teach the theoretical and applied tools from biology, math and computer science that are used in synbio labs around the world. We also introduce key questions of ethics and safety that drive the global conversation on the responsible use of a new technology.

Ever heard of Genetically Modified Organisms? That was us. We totally did that. sbone-text-flower-4




Who should take this course?

This course provides an introduction to synthetic biology at an undergraduate level. We cover theory and practical methods that are widely used in synthetic biology and in many other disciplines: systems biology, bioinformatics, bioengineering and medicine.
All of our content is free to use. Our videos are designed to be as general as possible, so they can be incorporated into other lessons or re-mixed into other courses.
Synthetic Biology is changing the face of industry, the environment, agriculture and medicine. What can this field achieve and how soon? This is a place to learn the language of an emerging and disruptive technology.
Powerful technologies carry risks and provoke controversy. What ethical limitations should apply when our creations can live, breathe and grow? Come inside the lab and get an un-edited view of how genetically modified organisms are made.
How can we maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of Synthetic Biology? What are the legal, political, and economic consequences of a new technology? We will connect these questions to the practical realities of the lab.
This course is for anyone who wants to do things or make things with cells. Synthetic Biology already appeals to a vibrant crowd of DIY enthusiasts. We will bring you engaging demonstrations and a chance to get involved.

New synbio ideas and projects are coming out all the time. sbone-text-flower-6





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